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photo of Beth Girdler Beekeeper

photo by David Francey


I have had a lifelong relationship with wildlife.

My early years were spent wading in streams and lakes, watching fish, frogs and turtles, raising butterflies and fostering injured animals. Not surprisingly, this led me to a biology degree from Trent University. Wildlife-related work included several years as a biologist for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Parks Canada and Park Harold F. Baldwin.

Years as a mother, midwife, artist and avid gardener naturally led me guessed it! Bees!

From the moment bees flew out of my first hive to explore their surroundings, I knew I was hooked! A garden chair is now a permanent fixture in my bee yard and I sit watching the bees almost every day. Honey bees amaze me!

photo of Beth Girdler at age 5
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