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Beekeepers can be 9 or 90, boys, girls, men or women. 

That being said, beekeeping does take time, commitment and understanding.

If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper I would like to help you!

I can:

  • suggest books to read, web sites to check out, associations to join.

  • help you choose the equipment you will need to start your own hives including my list of great tools and why you need them

  • help you choose the best site for your bees

  • suggest the type bees that are best for your area and where to get them

  • suggest ways to set up your bee yard with stands, plants, fences (electric or privacy)

  • teach you how to install your bees, how to understand and be calm around them, and how inspect your hives

  • teach your partner, spouse, or children about how to live with bees

  • guide you through seasonal tasks

  • help you understand swarming

  • help you through the always tasty, somewhat sticky job of harvesting your honey

  • and much more...


If you are interested in helping bees survive - either by becoming a beekeeper or by growing plants for a bee friendly yard, please look at the services below and give me a call!

On Site Consultation - I'll come to you!

Let me help with common beekeeping concerns and provide on site assistance

$40/hour plus gas

  • finding the best site for bees on your property.

  • safely installing your bees.

  • step by step instruction on hive inspection

  • identification of workers, drones, eggs and larva, and how to find your queen

  • undestanding your bees. I want you to be confident and comfortable around them!

  • seasonal tasks such as spring start up, adding honey supers, harvesting honey and providing winter protection.

Introduction to Beekeeping

This is a 2 hour introduction to beekeeping. No experience or equipment required.

$50 per person (family and group rates available)

We will cover:

  • bee biology

  • how to work with bees

  • what equipment you will need, how to use it and where to get it.

  • how to order bees and what to do when you get them.

  • where to locate your bees.

  • how to overcome beekeeping fears.

  • how much time and effort it takes to keep bees.

  • bee pests and diseases, Colony Collapse Disorder and more.

Shadow a Beekeeper - Hands on Mentoring

A great way to get beekeeping experience before you take the plunge!

Starts at $40

Curious about beekeeping but not sure if it is for you?
Want to have bees but don't know where to begin?
Come and experience beekeeping in my yard.
Sessions of observation, explanation, limited hands on experience and plenty of practical advice.
I would love to introduce you to my bees and share my joy of beekeeping with you!

Got bees already? I can come to you! Call me for more information!

Photography Package for Beekeepers

If you have bees, show them off!

Packages start at $100

Let me tell your beekeeping story with photos.
I will come to your bee yard and take professional photos and videos of you and your bees.

I will then provide you a package of edited, print and web ready photos you can download and use for your web site, facebook, twitter or print up and frame!


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