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Honey bees on the tops of frames


Honey bees are facing many challenges. Pesticides, pests, industrial agricultural practices and climate change. Bees are in trouble and there is much we can do to help.


I got my first hive because bees fascinate me and because I wanted to do my part to help them survive. Little did I know that bees would become my obsession. Keeping the bees alive and healthy here in my little corner of the planet is my goal. Learning from them is a passion I plan to explore for the rest of my life. I observe the bees every day. I photograph, video, draw and write about them.

Sharing the art and joy of beekeeping with others is my mission.


If you are interested in helping honey bees survive - either by becoming a beekeeper or by growing plants for a bee friendly yard - please contact me and start your journey now!

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