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I want you to succeed at beekeeping!
This package will give you everything you need to make the best start possible.

Package includes:

Initial visit

  • to help with site selection and suggestions for site modification (hive stand options, fences for bears and or privacy, lanscaping for bees including wind breaks and flowering plants to make a bee friendly space)

Second visit

  • to bring you all your woodenware (hive bodies, bottom board, super, inner cover and outer cover)

  • a nucleus package of locally raised bees (from Debbees Bees), and installed with instruction

  • all the hive tools you will need with instruction on how to use them including instruction on lighting your smoker

  • protective clothing

  • a 2 hour instructional session on beekeeping at time of installation.

Third visit

  • a  1 hr visit 2 weeks after instalation to check on you and your bees and make sure all is well.


I will also provide over the phone consultation and or skype meetings to help you with any issues that may come up over the summer.


Finally I will come for a visit in the fall to check on you and the bees and determine if you can extract any honey in your fiirst year and instruct you on why, when and how to prepare your bees for winter.

Contact me to arrange your start up!

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